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There have never been greater opportunities to join God in His work, but one of the greatest challenges of ministry is getting "on target" and staying "on target."

Hurting people in a hurting world surround us. There is no shortage of needs as well as ways to serve. But what is your target? Your mission? What is the mission of your church or organization? Although the Message and Mission our Lord gave His followers has not changed, methods of ministry have. We must be faithful to God's word and at the same time relevant to God's world.

God has a plan. His plan, not ours, must be our focus; our “target.” The two questions we need to ask are first, "What is God’s plan?" and second, "Are we following it?"

From the very beginning, God's plan has been to bring fallen man to know and serve Him through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Through this relationship, we are given eternal life and the potential for an exceptional life (John 10:10b).

The exceptional life is exceptional in human terms, but from God's viewpoint, the exceptional life ( is simply the normal Christian life He desires His followers to live - a life of meaning and purpose, a life worth living!

The joy of Life Worth Living Ministries is not only seeing people receive eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord, but also to realize the potential of their life in Christ by recognizing their place and exercising their gifts in the Body of Christ - the Church.

Christ promised to build His Church. He lives through His people to demonstrate His love and deliver His message of life to the world. As the local church submits to Him individually and collectively, it follows His plan and joins Him in His work.

Although the local church is intended to be a place of grace, hope, and healing, frequently it falls short. As a result of not submitting to God's Holy Spirit, Christ-followers don't follow Him and cannot fulfill His plan.

Tragically, many live and die without knowing the love and life of God because often the local church is "off-purpose." Groups of believers find themselves diverted from His purpose by good, well-intended projects. Some cannot fulfill His purpose because they are divided with contention, selfishness, and strife. Others are impotent and unable to fulfill His purpose due to a lack of commitment to Him, His word, and His purpose. Many become diluted as a result of hypocrisy. There are many reason why some churches are worse off when they assemble (1Cor.11:17) and have become "dysfunctional" church families.

Oh, but when Christ has first place in our lives we are truly "on target"! Only when are are focused on Him and His purposes we experience Him in a real and personal way! We find ourselves in God's plan and involved in His purposes on earth. As a result, God is glorified, His church is edified, and more people come to receive forgiveness and purpose for living. This is His will. This is His heart's desire.

These are exciting days to be serving Christ and His church. They are also challenging. Each church and community has characteristics that make their ministry unique. Cultures, styles, traditions, and preferences vary from church to church. Thankfully, the principles God has provided in His inerrant word, the Bible, never change. By prayerfully seeking the Head of the Church and submitting to His word any group of Christ-followers can rediscover God's purpose and their passion for Christ.

Just think, it is God's will for you and your church family to be holy and spiritually healthy! This is God's heart's desire!

When all appears well on the surface does that mean God's plan is being fulfilled? Being a people "on purpose" is more than large numbers of members, beautiful buildings, and budget surplus. These may be signs of health, but the same could be said of many secular organizations that clearly are not committed to God's purpose.

On the other hand, when ministry challenges grow and a church struggles, does that mean that God's plan has been abandoned?

The answer to both questions is "not necessarily."

External blessings are wonderful, but do not mean the church is healthy and "on purpose"!

Remember, many of God's people throughout history, and even at this very hour, have struggled while perfectly fulfilling God's plan.


"The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."
(1Sam. 16:7 NIV)

Many times someone with objectivity and a "fresh set of eyes" is needed to see where refinements may be made to allow for greater effectiveness. Similarly, an experienced and trained friend may be better able to recognize the source of current problems and how they may be remedied, as well as see the warning sign of developing problems that lie just below the surface. The research and recommendations of an independent consultant could be the tool God uses to bring a breakthrough of blessings.

With more than 30 years of experience and a variety of training including his doctoral studies in the Billy Graham School of Church Growth and Evangelism at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mark Bordeaux has much to offer leaders and organizations who desire to refine and refocus on God's plan.

Mark has perspective gained from ministries of all sizes and knows what it is like to lead through prosperity and pain. He has enjoyed the "harvest" as well as endured the "drought." He knows what it is to be blessed and broken. Mark also knows what it is to thrive when all is well, but also what it is to survive when there seems to be no hope.

He experiences of leading in times of victory as well as conflict and crisis enables him to truly understand the unique challenges of leadership and ministry. He is able to assist you in setting prayerful, personal, practical, and attainable goals that will help you and your church be better positioned to experience revival and revitalization.

Contact us today to explore the options of having Mark and the resources of Life Worth Living Ministries at your side. We will gladly come alongside to pray, encourage, comfort, challenge, and celebrate God's work in your life and ministry.

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