Whoever listens to counsel is wise." -Proverbs 12:15 (HCSB)

We all need someone we trust who will listen objectively and care enough to tell us the truth. There are many "voices" offering advice, but how many are basing their advice on the counsel of God's word?

Mark is not a "professional" counselor with "all" the answers, but with more than 30 years of ministry experience in the local church as well as his own experiences as a husband and father, he does know the Scripture, people, and ministry. 

Sometimes all we need is someone who will be caring, honest, and objective to help us to see our situation clearly. Mark offers personal, pastoral, and practical counsel that encourages, comforts and challenges. Of course, all conversations are kept confidential.* 

Counsel Tracts:

  • Partner in Ministry Counsel for fellow ministers
  • Pre-Marital and Marital Counsel for couples seeking to strengthen their relationship with God and each other
  • Life and Career Counsel for teenagers and adults**

*We guarantee confidentiality except in instances where a person appears to be a real and present threat to themselves or someone else or if there is the possibility a child may be suffering abuse.

**Minors must have the written consent of their parents

Please note: When it is deemed specialized professional counsel is needed referrals are offered. Those experiencing thoughts of death, dying or suicide should contact their Physician immediately. Jesus said, “Those who are well don’t need a doctorbut the sick do" (Mt. 9:12).