"A good name is more desirable than great riches." Proverbs 22:1

What others are saying...

"Mark Bordeaux is a dear friend and partner in the ministry. I have had the pleasure of leading events at churches under Mark's leadership and have been blessed by his passion, transparency, and leadership abilities. His experience organizing area-wide crusades has shown his ability to lead a variety of believers to work together to fulfill the Great Commission.

God has gifted Mark to enable him to clearly and powerfully communicate His word with a variety of audiences. He loves people of all age groups. Mark is compassionate and encouraging, yet uncompromising in the truth. He understands Christ's call is to "make disciples," rather than superficial "decisions."

Mark's many years of ministry in various places including his work in Russia prove his commitment to Christ and His calling. His devotion to doctoral work in Church Growth and Evangelism combined with his experience in churches of various sizes, places, and with various challenges qualify him to help churches become more holy, healthy, and growing. He understands the struggles and heartaches of pastors as only a pastor can.

Mark always seeks to be real and relevant without pretense. I know that as He continues to follow Christ Mark will be a great encouragement and blessing to the churches and groups who invite him to speak, evangelize, and consult. I look forward to more opportunities to serve with Mark in the years to come."

Speaker/Evangelist Jerry Pipes

“One of the most important aspects of commendation for a fellow believer and Christian leader is that of ongoing consistency and the affirmation of a long track record. This is something that has absolutely been exhibited in Mark Bordeaux's life. I have known this to be true for greater than some two decades.

I first met Mark in the humble community in which I was raised. Mark served as the Senior Pastor in that congregation on the west side of town. Though the congregation was on the outskirts of the community and in a facility that was unsubstantial in size, Mark's leadership quickly led that church to a point of evangelistic and ministry impact... throughout not only the community, but the county proper.

This is noteworthy due to the fact that many other area churches had longer tenured pastors, greater resources, and more history. Those factors were unmatched to Mark's evangelistic zeal and leadership impact.

During that time under his shepherding, that local church (New Haven Church) became a vibrant community of faith that touched my life and many others. In addition to all this, Mark Bordeaux was a leader who was among the first whose commitment to Christ deeply affected my thinking about Christian living and discipleship. His life genuinely exhibited vibrant spiritual vitality and verve, just as it continues today. These factors and others represent my commendation of Mark to others.” 

Freddie Cardoza, Ph.D. Director, Distributed Learning & Instructional Technology; Chair, Christian Education Department at Biola University

“I was always highly impressed with Mark's engagement of the lost. While serving as Associate Pastor in Hazlehurst, Mark was a pastor in a nearby city, Baxley. At that time, Mark became a good friend and co-laborer for Christ. On multiple levels with associational work, Mark led the city to a greater passion for the lost and winning souls.

Since that time, Mark also came to Russia to win souls and lead pastoral training. I have always looked up to Mark's commitment to the main thing- bringing lost people to Jesus.” 

Buck Burch Lead State Missionary - Cooperative Program & Stewardship at Georgia Baptist Convention

“Mark Bordeaux has been a colleague and friend for almost 25 years, I've had the privilege of working alongside him in several of his ministry assignments. He is a man of incredible communication skills and impeccable character. Mark's ministry is one of integrity, and will enrich and inspire you, both personally and professionally. I recommend his ministry without reservation.” 

Evangelist Royce Williams, Williams Evangelistic Ministries

Hal Mayer“I have known Mark Bordeaux for over 20 years.  Throughout that time Mark has been a passionate follower of Jesus and a great family man.  The years have not diminished Mark’s desire to see people far from God commit their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.   He has been an encourager to me as I have planted Church at the Bay in Tampa, Florida.  Without hesitation, I recommend Mark as a man who loves Jesus and has kept his integrity intact.

Dr. Hal Mayer, Lead Pastor/Planter, The Church at the Bay, Tampa,

Brad Horne"Mark has a vision and passion for reaching the lost at the core of his being.  On Mark’s first mission trip to our city of Perm, Russia , he clearly showed his compassion for a lost and dying world. While sitting at a red light in our mission van, Mark unbuckled himself from the seatbelt, swung open up the car door, and pushed a tract through the cracked open window of the car waiting next to us. He had made eye contact with the person in the car and felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to give him the Good News through that tract. Mark also led out in evangelism through baseball and did a magnificent job at using apologetics in witnessing to several non-believers in a café. Mark is a driven evangelist and a committed Jesus follower!"

Brad Horne, International Mission Board, Team Strategy Leader, Perm, Russia,

Tommy Frederick"Mark is a kind man with a heart for missions and evangelism. He is a proven leader and gatherer of leaders, to include team building. He is man of integrity and prayer promoting unity within the Body of Christ. He is my covenant brother and friend. I recommend him for various ministry venues."

Dr. Tommy L. Frederick, Founder, Love Covenant Church, Sumter, SC

Tommy Ferrell“Mark is a Christian leader with integrity who possesses a desire to spread the timeless gospel in a world without much time.  His urgency for evangelism and his ability to encourage are gifts to be appreciated."

Dr. Tommy Ferrell, Lead Pastor, Briarlake Baptist Church, Atlanta,

Chris Carr“It has been an honor for me and our team in Ufa that Mark has come to serve with us short-term multiple times, starting in 2001…he is an energetic and enthusiastic preacher of God’s Word, an excellent motivator, and has a warm heart for evangelism and discipleship.  He is a team player who uses his spiritual gifts in concert with others in contributing to a ministry synergy that is honorable to the Lord and His Church, regardless of the setting. He is neither afraid to lead when necessary and fitting, nor is he unable to follow others’ lead in ministry contexts such as Ufa.  It has and will continue to be an honor for us to have Mark serving with TeamUfa here in Russia”

Dr. Chris Carr, IMB Team Strategy Leader for Ufa, Russia